Work Plan
  The E-MELD timeline is a table detailing the projected stages of the project for each participating institution within a five year span.
  People and Institutions
  Work on the E-MELD project is shared among the following five institutions:
  Wayne State University
Administer the grant, create the typology questionnaire and test the markup recommendations.
  Project members:
Anthony Aristar, typologist and Co-moderator of the LINGUIST List.
Martha Ratliff, former Head of the LSA Committee on Endangered Languages and their Preservation.
  Eastern Michigan University
House the LINGUIST servers and provide technical support.
Oversee the establishment of the metadata server and the "Showroom of Best Practice".
  Project members:
Helen Aristar-Dry, Co-moderator of the LINGUIST List.
  The University of Arizona
Markup design. The project will be jointly led by Gary Simons and by Terry Langendoen, The team will continue the work of the TEI Workgroup on Linguistic Description, which was also jointly led by Simons and Langendoen.
  Project members:
D. Terrence Langendoen, former Chair of the Text Encoding Initiative Analysis and Interpretation Committee, and the TEI Technical Review Committee.
Scott Fararr
  Project URL:
  The Linguistic Data Consortium
Provide and convert Ega and Cambap data.
Design the conversion software to be featured in the "Showroom of Best Practice."
  Project members:
Steven Bird, Associate Director of the LDC, currently involved in 3 language engineering initiatives (ISLE, TalkBank, and the Linguistic Exploration Project) designed to result in a "Corpus Cookbook" of standards for formatting and storage of text.
  The Endangered Language Fund
Be a liaison with indigenous communities, as well as a data provider and the designer of the Query Room facility.
  Project members:
Doug Whalen (of Yale and Haskins Laboratories), President of ELF.
  Other Project Members:
  Bruce Connell, Data provider: Ega; consultant on data preparation.
Gary Simons, SIL Associate Vice President and the primary technical consultant to the E-MELD project.
Veronica Grondona, Data provider: Mocovi; consultant on data preparation.
David Harrison, Data provider: Tofa; consultant on data preparation.


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