E-MELD Conference 2007: Toward the Interoperability of Language Resources
  E-MELD Conference 2006: Tools and Standards: The State of the Art
  E-MELD Conference 2005: Linguistic Ontologies and Data Categories for Linguistic Resources
  E-MELD Conference 2004: Linguistic Databases and Best Practice
  E-MELD Conference 2003: Digitizing & Annotating Texts & Field Recordings
  E-MELD Conference 2002: Digitizing Lexical Information
  E-MELD Conference 2001: The Need for Standards

  Related Events:
  LSA 2005 Tutorial: Archiving and Linguistic Resources,
Oakland, CA, January 6-9, 2005.
  LSA 2004 Symposium, Endangered Data vs Enduring Practice: Creating Linguistic Resources That Last,
Boston, MA, January 8-11, 2004.
  Knowledge Technologies Conference 2002,
Seattle, WA, March 10-13, 2002.

  E-MELD Sponsored Events:
  International Workshop on Resources and Tools in Field Linguistics,
Las Palmas, May 26-27, 2002.
Sponsered by E-MELD and the Max-Planck-Institute for Psycholinguistics.


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